Andrea Cavallari, born in the USA, has lived mainly in Italy, where he studied piano with Giovanna Prestia and Florentia Barbalat and composition with Daniele Zanetocivh and Roberto Becheri. After graduating from the Conservatorio di Musica G. Frescobaldi in Ferrara (Italy) in 1989 he attended specialized courses in composition held by Ennio Morricone and Franco Donatoni.
Andrea Cavallari began very young to compose pieces for events such as the Festival '900 of Trento, Scuola di Sperimentazione Didattica, Teatro delle Moline, Interensemble, Nuove Sincronie, A.Gi.Mus, GAMO, Amici della Musica, etc. His compositions have been played in the most important cities in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and the United States.
Since 1997 Cavallaris music has been played in major events such as the "Festival dei Due Mondi" at Spoleto, "Documenta" at Kassel, "Festival Ninety-seven" at Cincinnati, Ohio, "Jornadas de Musica del Siglo XX" at Segovia, and the Royal Festival Hall in London. In autumn 1999 some of his works have been presented at the biennial of art "N.E.W.S." in Szczecin, Poland. In January 1999 Cavallari was invited to give lectures at the University of New York and at the University of Massachusetts, and has been invited again in the year 2001.
Since 1997 Andrea Cavallari has been "composer in residence" for the Frankfurt Kammeroper, for which he has written two operas and a new work that will be staged in December 2002.
His music has been recorded by Rivoalto (Italy) and Capstone (New York).
Since 1994 Andrea Cavallari has been Artistic Director of the Accademia San Felice; in 1999 he was Artistic Director of the Festival Estate Fiesolana in Florence (Italy), and since 2000 Artistic Director of the International Festival of Youth European Orchestras, which is held in Florence every July and the World Sacred Music Week held in Florence in March/April each year.
At present he lives and works between Florence and London.
Cavallari's music is published by Verlag Neue Musik GmbH - Berlin |



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